BENG Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

About the Degree

From the world’s tallest buildings to the most spectacular bridges to airports, highways, hospitals and rail networks, civil engineers provide the critical infrastructure that makes our lives easier. Our programme provides our students with the principles of structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydraulics and hydrology, environmental engineering, materials, surveying and construction. With our degree, the students discover the latest techniques and developments, such as low- carbon materials and sustainability.  

Our Civil Engineering programme, equips our students with a wide range of knowledge and skills to take on their careers in a variety of professions, including planning, designing, management, and construction development. This degree provides our students with strong ties to the professional construction industry through sites training, internships, and partnerships.

Why this programme?

  • As a UH-GAF student you will have access to the University of Hertfordshire’s StudyNet web-based facility, which allows students to access electronic teaching and learning resources from UH in the UK and have online discussions with faculties and students. 
  • Study in excellent facilities and state-of-the-art laboratory with industry-standard equipment.
  • Engineering Graduates are certified as Incorporated Engineers (IENG) by the UK Engineering Council.
  • The ability to complete certain requirements to be certified as Chartered Engineer (CEng) by the UK Engineering Council. 
  • On-Campus Engineering Workshops for practical and hand-on work experience.
  • Learn to apply computer-aided engineering and industry-standard software. 

Progression Requirements:  From IFP to Level 4
Progression Requirements:  From Level 4 Onwards

Students are expected to meet the following requirements in the International Foundation Programme (IFP) to progress to Level 4. 
  • Achieve a grade of 50% or more in Engineering Maths 2. 
  • Achieve a grade of 50% or more in Engineering Science 2.
  •  Achieve a grade of 40% or more in all other modules. 

    Programme-specific assessment regulations; (from Level 4 onwards)

    -The programme complies with the University's academic regulations (in particular,
    UPRAS11, UPRAS12/UPRAS13 and UPRAS14) with the exception of those listed below, which have been approved by the University.

    -A compensated pass cannot be awarded for the Individual Major Project, which must be included in the calculation of degree classification.

What i will study?

Foundation Year

Level Four

Level Five

Level Six

career opportunities

Graduates will be able to work in the civil engineering industry, growing in a world of sustainability.

Civil Engineering graduates find jobs in project management and working in smart cities, where networks are made with more digital solutions. Other career opportunities are quantity surveyors, site engineers, geotechnical, structural, environmental, procurement, and tendering engineers.

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