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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UH-GAF?

Can you tell me more about UH?

What is UH ranking?
Why UH?
Will I be able to study abroad at UH campus in the UK if I’m
enrolled in UH campus in Cairo?
Will I study the same courses and modules here at UH in Cairo
as those taught at UH in the UK?
Does UH-GAF offer transportation for students?
Does UH - GAF accept students with special needs?
Does University of Hertfordshire in Egypt accept UCAS
tariff points for direct entry?

Global Academic Foundation - GAF

What is Global Academic Foundation - GAF?

Did GAF build a full campus to host the University of
Hertfordshire? Where?

What does an International Branch Campus [IBC] offer?
Does GAF award any degrees?
How can I get in touch with the university?

Programmes & majors

What are the new programmes for 2023?

Can I transfer from my programme of choice to another
after acceptance?

What are the names of deans for each programme?
Is the School of Engineering 4 or 5 years?
Is the School of Physiotherapy 5 or 6 years?
Are all students allowed to study abroad? If yes, what
are the criteria?
What is the Early Bird discount?
How much is the early bird discount?
When does the Early Bird discount expire?
Are there any specific requirements to benefit from the early
bird discount?
Is the early bird discount applicable on all programmes?
Is the Early Bird deposit refundable?

Admissions & Requirements

What are the admission requirements?

How long does it take to receive the provisional acceptance?

How long does it take to receive the acceptance letter?
Should all transfer students take foundation year?
May I apply for the university January?
What is the condition for me to continue receiving the
scholarship grant?
Will the students be required to perform degree
equivalence in Egypt?
May I transfer from my major of choice to another
after acceptance?
Do you offer academic excellence scholarship? Who would
be eligible for academic excellence scholarships and how?
What are the conditions for me to continue receiving the
scholarship grant?
Are there any available alternatives for the IELTS and TOEFL?
I am an international student, what is the type of currency
do I use to pay my tuition fees? And what scholarship grants
or financial aid programsare offered?
What are the requirements for IGCSE for each program?
When is the early admission and its deadline?
What are the requirements of the direct entry for each programme?


What is the application fee for UH – GAF?

Are the tuition fees fixed? Do the tuition fees increase?

Are there instalment plans, if yes, what are the plans?
Are there any extra fees other than the tuition fees?
What are the available discounts other than the academic
What is the refund policy ?
Miscellaneous Fees
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