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We offer world-class British Education in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt

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The University of Hertfordshire is one of the top 200 Universities under 50 years old in the world and has a Gold Rating in the UK Teaching Excellence Framework.

The goal of UH is to empower students through transformational education and research. The University aims to transform students as learners and professionals, enabling them to play their part in the global economy by challenging and innovating business thinking.

​Global Academic Foundation is proud to host The University of Hertfordshire- UH to deliver a broad range of programmes at its international branch campus in Egypt.

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Globally Accredited I Globally Employable I Globally Distinct

Global Academic Foundation is hosting the University of Hertfordshire bringing innovative, exciting, multidisciplinary programmes and degrees from the UK to Egypt, with the aim of transforming students to be ready to tackle future global challenges.
At the campus of the University of Hertfordshire in Egypt, we support our students academically through their academic journey. We focus on innovative learning technologies supported by a virtual learning experience from the UK. We bring British professors to take part in the learning process to give our students a truly global view.
We encourage our students to engage with the wider community outside the university. The goal is to equip them to be global citizens who can take what they learn and start making a difference, to help them meet global challenges and hence have a successful future.