BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

About the Degree

Interior architecture and design is a distinct field that develops a special thought process in creating aesthetic and functional spaces. It focuses on critical and creative thinking, developing an understanding of how interior elements are brought together to accommodate and delight while being functional. The Interior Architecture and Design degree focuses on working with new and existing buildings and spaces and exploring different possibilities for habitation and innovative designs. This programme specializes in the design and production of immersive, innovative and surprising interior spaces. There is a great emphasis on the understanding and use of materials as you explore surface design and detailing. The Interior Architecture and Design degree pursue a progressive and holistic teaching approach as we consider the design process as non-linear or sequential.  

Why this programme?

  • Learn how to create and maintain certain moods and atmospheres with functional, contemporary and innovative interiors.Develop expertise in producing impressive drawings, images and models.
  • Graduates are eligible for associate membership of professional institutions such as The British Interior Design Association, The Society of British Interior Design, and The Chartered • Society of Designer. 
  • Interior Architecture and Design students participate in live projects with a number of commercial and design partners.
  • Student projects are not only limited to Digital Media Design and Interior Architecture and Design, as they may expand to include a multitude of creative applications such as fashion, art, product design and jewellery design in order to widen their design and creativity skills.
  • The school collaborates with professional firms, allowing students to experience the challenges and rewards of the commercial world before graduation, whilst building up an impressive portfolio of work and connections to impress potential employers with. 

Progression Requirements:  From IFP to Level 4

Students are expected to meet the following requirements in the International Foundation Programme (IFP) to progress to Level 4. 
  • Achieve a grade of 60% in Advanced Chemistry.
  • Achieve a grade of 40% in all other modules.

What i will study?

Foundation Year

Level Four

Level Five

Level Six

career opportunities

Interior architects and designers can work on new construction projects or within existing buildings, as an individual practitioner or entrepreneur, within an architectural or interior design company, or as part of a multi-disciplinary design consultancy. They may also move to fields such as retail design and display, production design for stage, film or television, exhibition design, event design, styling of photo shoots, or virtual environments, interactive design and game design. 

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