BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

About the Degree

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly growing and exciting field in technology, where computers and other devices are designed and developed to display intelligent characteristics, that can and will transform the world around us. Our Computer Science Degree (Artificial Intelligence) focuses on Artificial Intelligence and robotics building along with a broad base in technology and software development. 

In the first two years, you’ll find an emphasis on software development, professional programming, the modelling and design of systems and data, the principles of networking and user experience. These give you the core skills to specialize in AI, where you can study the analysis, design and construction of knowledge-based and expert systems, artificial life and robotics, and systems based around the use of neural networks. 

Why this programme?

  • 90% of UH’s research from the Computer Science programme are ranked as world leading research. (Research Excellence Framework, UK, 2021).
  • Be part of a highly regarded well established computer science department with excellent facilities, a strong research background, and links to business and industry. 
  • Prepare yourself for a career in the IT sector through a mix of academic, professional and practical study. 
  • Internship and work placement opportunities.
  • UH graduates from the School of Computer Science have gone on to work at amazing organisations including Sega Europe, Canon UK, and EE . 

Progression Requirements:  From IFP to Level 4

Students are expected to meet the following requirements in the International Foundation Programme (IFP) to progress to Level 4. 
  • Achieve a grade of 50% or more in Engineering Maths 2. 
  • Achieve a grade of 50% or more in Engineering Science 2.
  •  Achieve a grade of 40% or more in all other modules. 

What i will study?

Foundation Year

Level Four

Level Five

Level Six

career opportunities

Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics graduates can land jobs in multiple competitive industries; manufacturing, robotics, oil and gas, automotive and biomedical Systems are some examples. 

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