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This programme is strategically designed to invigorate the entrepreneurial landscape in Egypt. Through a targeted capacity-building initiative, the university is dedicated to equipping students with both theoretical and practical business skills, fostering a dynamic environment that encourages entrepreneurship.

UH-GAF's enthusiasm lies not only in empowering students but also in cultivating a heightened awareness of the crucial role sustainable development plays in shaping successful entrepreneurial ventures. With a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, UH-GAF is committed to nurturing a generation of business leaders who will contribute significantly to the growth and sustainability of the Egyptian venture landscape.

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UH-GAF blog
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Induction Day 

During this special initiation, the new students were warmly introduced to the university's esteemed deans and academic staff, fostering a sense of connection and familiarity with the academic community. Engaging and informative sessions offered invaluable insights into the university's tools and systems, equipping them with essential knowledge for a successful academic journey. The journey of exploration extended beyond the classroom, with dedicated sessions unveiling the multifaceted dimensions of student life and the diverse student organizations that enrich the campus experience at UH-GAF.

The Induction went beyond traditional boundaries, inviting freshers to immerse themselves in a multitude of outdoor activities, creating an atmosphere of fellowship and shared experiences:

From captivating welcome speeches by UH's President, Provost, Dean of Student Life, and IFP Director to the participatory workshops, our freshers not only took their initial steps into official university life but also delved into the essence of what it means to be part of a thriving academic community. The varied activities, ranging from ice-breaking games lively music, not only facilitated connections but also painted a vibrant picture of the exciting journey that lay ahead.

Welcome Party

The University of Hertfordshire in Egypt hosted a one-of-a-kind welcome party, featuring Disco Misr and Marwan Moussa, who carried off entertaining and successful performances attended by over 5,000 people. UH’s community celebrated a night that had an unmatched atmosphere, an abundance of fun and everlasting memories.  


Our UH Makers Carnival was definitely a success! Our students enjoyed a packed day that was full of entertainment, music, stand-up comedy, artists, and a local brands bazaar! Our students and guests created unforgettable memories and here are some snippets from this spectacular day. 

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