BSc Psychology

BSc Psychology

About the Degree

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A major part of the course examines important theoretical issues within psychology. 

For instance, to what extent are people the product of their genes or up bringing? Why do we sleep and dream? How does the brain store memories and thoughts? Why do people obey authority? We also focus on how psychology can help to transform lives and improve the world. What are the best ways to promote and improve health? How can psychological research be used to understand and predict offending behaviour? How do our brains recover from injury? How can teachers encourage their pupils to grow in the face of adversity? Throughout the course you’ll gain several core skills. For example, you’ll discover how to think critically about a topic, collate and assess evidence, and present your findings.

You’ll also find out how to design and conduct psychological  studies. This will involve devising research questions, collecting data, using statistical tools as well as qualitative methods, and writing a laboratory report.

These are all transferable skills that are highly valued by employees, and can also form a vital stepping-stone to future professional qualifications and work. 

Why this programme?

  • Equipping you with critical psychological skills: The psychology programme at UH-GAF is designed to equip you with critical psychological skills, knowledge, and values that can be directly applied to real-world contexts. You will develop a deep understanding of human behavior, cognition, and emotions, enabling you to make a positive impact on people's lives and society as a whole.

    Understanding the impact of psychology on individuals and society: Through studying psychology at UH-GAF, you will learn how psychology can have a profound impact on people's lives and society. You will explore how psychological principles can be applied to promote physical and mental well-being, reduce crime rates, and advocate for equality. This knowledge will empower you to contribute to a healthier and more equitable society.

    Active engagement in research and experimentation: UH-GAF provides ample opportunities for you to actively engage in research and experimentation. You will have the chance to regularly conduct experiments, contribute to ongoing research studies, and analyze data. This hands-on experience will deepen your understanding of research methodologies and enhance your critical thinking and analytical skills.

    Pathways to professional practice: The psychology programme at UH-GAF prepares you for a career as a professional psychologist in various settings, including forensic, clinical, health, or educational environments. You will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to assess, diagnose, and provide therapeutic interventions to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, UH-GAF offers postgraduate courses in business and clinical psychology, allowing you to further specialize and expand your career opportunities.

    Learning with cutting-edge technologies: At UH-GAF, you will have the opportunity to learn with cutting-edge technologies in the field of psychology. The university provides access to advanced laboratories, motion capture systems, and brain monitoring equipment. By utilizing these technologies, you will enhance your practical skills and gain experience in using innovative tools to study and understand human behavior and cognition.

What will I study?

Foundation Year

Level Four

Level Five

Level Six

career opportunities

BPS accreditation of the UK programme is a hallmark of quality that is acknowledged by many employers and is also an important stepping stone if you wish to become aChartered Psychologist. You can also continue your studies, and eventually teach and research psychology at a University. Due to their transferable skills, psychology graduates are also highly sought after in many different sectors of society, including marketing and advertising, human resources and communications, publicrelations and sales, learning and development roles in organisations, criminal justice and rehabilitation, business consultancy and management training, sports and wellbeing, and in government agencies and publicbodies. 

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