“We encourage bold, independent thinking to develop knowledge and experiences that will make employers excited and interested.”

Gold Ranked quality education

GAF students are able to earn UK degrees that are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education & the Supreme Council of Universities in addition to global reputation and employability.

With degrees and lesson plans by the University of Hertfordshire, students will be able to gain the skills and confidence to jump into fast-paced industries that search for well-rounded and active thinkers.

Our programmes were created to meet today’s industry standards, held in modern state-of-the-art facilities and focus on practical learning. We offer a wide range of programmes, from one of the only UK Pharmacy programmes in Egypt to Engineering, Computer Sciences, Business, Mass Communication, and Physiotherapy.

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UH-GAF students have the opportunity for either a semester or one year abroad at UH’s UK campus


Live an educational experience abroad, discover different styles of education, and foreign languages. Visit new places, cultures, and gain a global perspective while earning credit towards your degree. 

Life Experience

Embark on a self-exploration journey, make new friends from around the world, and discover new activities and interests.


Study abroad will help you develop highly valued skills, from independence, adaptability, problem-solving to communication skills, budgeting management, and intercultural communication. 

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