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School of Life and Medical Sciences arranges two visits to Sedico

February 27, 2022

On February 15th and February 17th 2022, two visits were conducted to Sedico Pharmaceutical factories by School of Life and Medical Sciences. The visits were supervised by Dr. Abdulaziz M. Al-Mahallawi, PhD, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics, and they were attended by Level 5 MPharm students (Introduction to Medicines and Clinical Practice module) and Level 5 Pharmaceutical Sciences students (Dosage Form Design and Manufacture module). The main aim of the visits was to give our students a chance to take a closer look at what takes place in the pharmaceutical industry, which served as a great opportunity to integrate their theoretical learning with real world practice. The visit covered the following: production lines for different dosage forms (including tablets, soft gelatin capsules, sterile products, liquids, and semisolids), the Quality Control (QC) department, and research and development (R&D) department.