The University of Hertfordshire in Egypt, hosted by Global Academic Foundation, is the first full-fledged branch campus of a UK university in Egypt.

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UH-GAF Strengthens Industry Ties with Egyptian Banking Institute

February 20, 2024

In a significant move towards fostering collaboration between academia and industry, the University of Hertfordshire, hosted by the Global Academic Foundation (UH-GAF), officially inked a memorandum of understanding with The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) on the 19th of February 2024.

The signing ceremony, held on the vibrant campus of the University, was graced by the presence of Dr. AbdelAziz Nosseir, the distinguished Executive Director of the Egyptian Banking Institute. This strategic alliance between UH-GAF and EBI marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of academic excellence and industry relevance.

The memorandum of understanding reflects the commitment of both institutions to collaborative efforts in research, knowledge exchange, and the development of programs that meet the dynamic needs of the banking and financial industry. UH-GAF's emphasis on practical, industry-oriented education aligns seamlessly with EBI's vision to enhance the skills and expertise of professionals in the banking sector.

UH-GAF has consistently demonstrated its dedication to providing students with a holistic education that goes beyond traditional academic boundaries. By forging partnerships with industry pillars such as the Egyptian Banking Institute, the university aims to equip its students with real-world skills and experiences, ensuring their seamless integration into the workforce upon graduation.

The ceremony was attended by faculty members, students, and representatives from both institutions, highlighting the collaborative spirit that will define the future initiatives arising from this strategic partnership.

As UH-GAF continues to strengthen its ties with industry leaders, the university remains at the forefront of providing students with a transformative education that prepares them for successful careers in an ever-evolving global landscape. The memorandum of understanding with the Egyptian Banking Institute is a testament to UH-GAF's commitment to shaping the future of education and industry collaboration.