The University of Hertfordshire in Egypt, hosted by Global Academic Foundation, is the first full-fledged branch campus of a UK university in Egypt.

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University of Hertfordshire and Gemini Africa sign a partnership agreement

February 1, 2023

The University of Hertfordshire hosted by Global Academic Foundation, Egypt In collaboration with Gemini Africa

“Rising Herts ” A students entrepreneurship program … From Ideas to Reality!

Cairo, 01, February, 2023

University of Hertfordshire and Gemini Africa sign a partnership agreement to help students unleash their potentials and prepare them to become part of the Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

With a unified vision on the importance of the role of youth to induce change in communities and uplift economies through their creativity, innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset when provided with the right support, University of Hertfordshire along with Gemini Africa are joining their forces to launch “Rising Herts”; the first entrepreneurial discovery program aiming to prepare a new generation of uprising entrepreneurs to face the fast changing and dynamic business world.

The aim of this program is to strengthen the Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem through a capacity building program that empowers students with the relevant business skills; theoretically and practically; and spreads awareness regarding the importance of sustainable development.

Professor Vincent Emery, President of the University of Hertfordshire hosted by Global Academic Foundation, Egypt commented with enthusiasm about the partnership, saying: “We are delighted to have developed a collaboration between our university and one of the leading entrepreneurial hubs in the region. I am sure that by the end of the program, our students will be able to positively impact on society through their business solutions ”

Adly Thoma, Chairman of Gemini Africa, expressed his excitement for this partnership, stating “Our partnership with the University of Hertfordshire to launch ‘Rising Herts’ is something we, at Gemini Africa, are truly hopeful about as it signals the commencement of a new era where we work together on preparing inspiring youth to become future entrepreneurs who are ready to hit the ground running; disrupting the entrepreneurial ecosystem with their creativity and innovation. ”

Upon the signing, both partners will kick off the “Rising Herts” program activities targeting Hertfordshire undergraduate university students across all majors with an entrepreneurial potential; handholding them along their learning journey to broaden their horizon and nurture their entrepreneurial mindset through intensive academic and hands on workshops. It is worthy to note that “Rising Herts” program is not just exclusive to business students but is open for students from all majors to ensure inclusion and unity.

“Rising Herts” is designed to offer the most inherent needs for entrepreneurs; Gemini Africa’s 3Ms (Mentorship, Matchmaking & Money); to the participating students to help them learn how to transform their ideas into a reality and prepare them for their endeavor in the business world post- graduation.

About Gemini Africa

Gemini Africa is a one-stop entrepreneurial hub playing an impactful role in the development of the Egyptian ecosystem to foster youth and entrepreneurs with special focus on women, and bolster start- ups by availing diversified investment & financial options, untapped business opportunities and innovative flagship programs.

As part of the company’s quest to offer unprecedented opportunities, Gemini Africa also pioneered by launching CinemaTech, the first entrepreneurial track, aiming to uplift the filmmaking industry by the injection of technological solutions through entrepreneurship. Backed by receiving the intellectual property rights for the track and following the gaps in the ecosystem, the company works relentlessly to expand its offered services and activities to be extended to different sectors within the creative industries. With special focus on two thematic areas: Social entrepreneurship & Creative industries and the proven success record of previously implemented programs in Greater Cairo and Upper Egypt, Gemini Africa grew its knowledge base, developed a vast network of experts as well as local partners and built a strong database of key players; Giving the company an edge in being able to identify the ecosystem gaps, the exact needs of youth and their pain points to offer the right customized innovative programs.

The company’s impact dawns from Egypt and reaches out to the entire African continent as well with an aspiration not only to uplift entrepreneurship but also to fight against different socioeconomic challenges and create sustainable business opportunities for all.

About University of Hertfordshire

The university of Hertfordshire (UH) is a leading public university in Hertfordshire County in the UK; just 25 minutes north of London. It has a diverse population of 25,000 students (including almost 3,000 international students from all around the world) and it offers undergraduate disciplines in more than 200 degrees, graduate schools in 400 degrees, as well as endless employment prospects and industrial placements.

The university of Hertfordshire in Egypt, hosted by global academic foundation, is the first full-fledged branch campus of a British university in Egypt. It encompasses the values, disciplines, and academic caliber of the programs and facilities offered in the British campus, bringing globally accredited undergraduate degrees all the way from the UK to Egypt. The university of Hertfordshire in Egypt dedicates itself to staying up to date on all national, regional, and international   updates in the most diverse and dynamic fields of higher education. Global academic foundation (GAF), which hosts the university Hertfordshire in Egypt, is a leading academic institution in the Arab republic of Egypt operating under the Egyptian ministry of higher education in compliance with the international branch campus law no. 162 of 2018.