The University of Hertfordshire in Egypt, hosted by Global Academic Foundation, is the first full-fledged branch campus of a UK university in Egypt.

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Rising Herts: Real Talk on Entrepreneurship from the Ground Up

February 11, 2024

In its fourth session, Rising Herts 2.0 hosted a panel of distinguished speakers, each possessing a wealth of experience in the business landscape of Egypt. The event provided attendees with candid insights from individuals who have navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Samer Wagdy, Co-founder of GB Arena, Egypt's preeminent gaming platform, commenced the session by sharing the unembellished journey of establishing a presence in the competitive gaming industry. Wagdy's narrative delved into the intricacies of technology, gaming dynamics, and the requisite resilience to adapt to a perpetually evolving landscape.

Nala Kamel, Founder of Nala Says, contributed to the event by providing substantive discourse on her revolutionary approach to podcasting. Her discussion focused on the pragmatic aspects of storytelling in the digital era, offering a grounded perspective on effective communication.

Adding a touch of sweetness to the proceedings, Fatma and AbdelRahman Ahmed, the proprietors of Fati's donuts, shared their entrepreneurial journey from a passion project to a thriving business. Their account, while devoid of glamour, provided a pragmatic illustration of the challenges and successes inherent in building a culinary venture.

Central to the session was the unscripted dialogue between participants and the speakers. This interactive exchange enabled attendees to pose nuanced questions and receive unfiltered insights into the nuanced aspects of the speakers' professional trajectories.

Over the course of 4 session, Rising Herts has proven that big words and fancy titles mean nothing to aspirational dreamers with big ideas. It's all about keeping it real and putting knowledge to practice. This session was like a laid-back stroll through the entrepreneurial journey, leaving everyone feeling pumped to jump into the business world with a down-to-earth grasp of what's really going on.