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UH-GAF’s Director of Operations Has Received a Prestigious Appreciation Award from The Arab Institute for Security Studies

February 20, 2022

Our Associate Director of Operations at the University of Hertfordshire, Ms. Yomna Ismail, has co-authored in writing a book along with renowned and prestigious names in the nuclear security field. Entitled, “Developing a Regional Nuclear Fuel Cycle in the Middle East; Prospects, Benefits and Associated Risks” the book that Yomna Ismail has participated in writing is the latest publication by The Arab Institute for Security Studies and the Stanton Foundation. The launch of the book took place on December 21st, 2021, at an online event that featured Prof. Frank von Hippel (US), Dr Mahmoud Nasredine (Lebanon), Dr Yomna Ahmad (Egypt) and Dr Ayman Khalil (Jordan).

The Arab Institute for Security Studies, also known as ACSIS, is a regional nongovernmental organization located in Amman. ACSIS primarily focuses on the evolution of nuclear technologies within one of the most sensitive regions of the world, namely the Middle East. Within the coming years, the number of operational nuclear power reactors is expected to increase. In fact, several countries in the Middle East have declared their intentions to pursue nuclear energy projects for peaceful purposes. The important question that remains up for discussion is how to best secure and achieve sustainable nuclear fuel supplies.  

It is important to mention that Ms. Yomna Ismail has received an appreciation award from the Arab Institute for Security Studies and the Stanton Foundation for her contribution and valuable input on regional fuel cycle in the Middle East, which is another significant achievement she has added to her hard work in the nuclear security field interest.