The University of Hertfordshire in Egypt, hosted by Global Academic Foundation, is the first full-fledged branch campus of a UK university in Egypt.

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UH-GAF's School of Creative Arts' Students Participate in the Culture, Higher Education and Digital Transformation Workshop

October 11, 2023

On the 28th of September 2023, UH-GAF’s Digital MediaDesign Level 5 students attended the Culture, Higher Education and DigitalTransformation Workshop. This engaging event brought together a diverse groupof participants, including UH-GAF’s Dr. Hanzada El Bedewy, Lecturer at TheDepartment of Creative Arts.

Throughout theworkshop, the students actively participated in engaging discussions andinteractive sessions. These interactions not only expanded their understandingof the digital revolution but also allowed them to share their own perspectivesand experiences. The workshop created a collaborative environment wherestudents felt comfortable expressing their ideas and engaging in meaningfuldialogue with their peers and experts in the field.


Theworkshop served as a catalyst for personal growth, inspiring the students tothink critically and creatively about the intersection of culture, highereducation, and emerging technologies. They were encouraged to exploreinnovative ideas and challenge existing norms, resulting in a significantpositive impact on their academic journeys.


Bybeing exposed to different viewpoints and expert insights, the students gaineda broader understanding of the potential of digital transformation in variousfields. They discovered new possibilities for integrating technology into theircreative endeavors and academic pursuits. This exposure to emergingtechnologies and digital tools empowered them to think beyond traditionalboundaries and explore new avenues for their future careers.


Moreover,the workshop provided the students with valuable networking opportunities. Theyhad the chance to connect with industry professionals, including thedistinguished moderator, Dr. Hanzada El Bedewy. These connections allowed thestudents to learn from the experiences and expertise of professionals in thefield, opening doors to potential mentorship and future collaborations.


Thestudents left the workshop feeling inspired, motivated, and equipped with newknowledge and perspectives. They became more confident in their abilities tonavigate the digital landscape and adapt to the ever-changing demands of thefuture. The workshop ignited a spark within them, encouraging them to embracethe ongoing digital transformation and actively contribute to shaping thefuture of culture and higher education.


Inconclusion, the Culture, Higher Education, and Digital Transformation Workshophad a significant impact on the students of UH-GAF. It empowered them to thinkcritically, explore innovative ideas, and prepare themselves for the challengesand opportunities of the digital revolution. The workshop fostered a sense ofinspiration, motivation, and collaboration among the students, ultimatelyshaping their academic journeys and future careers.