The University of Hertfordshire in Egypt, hosted by Global Academic Foundation, is the first full-fledged branch campus of a UK university in Egypt.

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UH-GAF's Career Day Paves Pathways to Success for Tomorrow's Leaders

April 24, 2024

The University of Hertfordshire, hosted by Global Academic Foundation (UH-GAF) recently hosted an extraordinary Career Day on campus, serving as a bridge between ambitious students and a wide array of local and multinational corporations. The event, held in April 2024, provided an exceptional platform for tomorrow's leaders to engage, inquire, and explore promising career opportunities offered by esteemed organizations. With President Vincent Emery's inspiring opening speech, UH-GAF set the stage for a day filled with invaluable insights, networking, and the potential for a transformative professional journey.

The Career Day showcased a diverse range of leading corporations, both local and multinational, eager to train and recruit UH-GAF's exceptional students. Among the prominent companies present were E&, Orange, Leoni, L'Oreal, Nissan, QNB, and many others. These organizations represented various industries, including finance, telecommunications, automotive, and cosmetics, offering a glimpse into the vast career possibilities awaiting UH-GAF's talented graduates.

Throughout the day, students had the privilege of engaging with representatives from these esteemed corporations. They seized the opportunity to inquire, learn, and gain deeper insights into the organizations' cultures, values, and career pathways. The representatives generously shared their expertise, providing valuable advice, and shedding light on the skills and attributes they seek in prospective employees. The interactive sessions facilitated meaningful connections, allowing students to establish networks and forge relationships with professionals who could potentially shape their future careers.

Through events like Career Day, UH-GAF continues to empower its students, opening doors to a world of opportunities and paving the way for their success as future leaders. The university's unwavering commitment to providing a holistic education, complemented by meaningful industry collaborations, ensures that UH-GAF graduates are well-prepared to make a positive impact in their respective fields, driving innovation and shaping the global landscape.