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UH-GAF’s leaders and faculty members attend a leading CSR organization’s press conference

June 16, 2022

UH-GAF’s President, Professor Vincent Emery, Provost Dr. Alaa Atta and Business Lecturer Dr. Nehal Samy attended The Arab Council for Social Responsibility’s press conference. The Arab Council for Social Responsibility held the aforementioned press conference to announce the launch of the second edition of the “My Community Tech” (or Mogtam3itech) forum, the first regional event under the theme of “Technology Serving the Community”. The second edition of “My Community Tech” forum was held under the slogan “The Road to Resilience and Green Transformation”.

The Arab Council for Social Responsibility is a leading organization in CSR with a mission of transforming CSR programs and activities from an idea or concept to an effective value for the society and economy, while empowering youth, women, people with disabilities, and underprivileged segments.

It is notable to mention that the press conference was attended by a group of leaders in the information and communications technology sector, global institutions, international and local companies, the banking and educational sectors, and development and financial institutions.