The University of Hertfordshire in Egypt, hosted by Global Academic Foundation, is the first full-fledged branch campus of a UK university in Egypt.

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Dr. Amira Deraz Nominated for Team of The Year by UH-UK for Vice-Chancellor's Award

February 26, 2024

Dr. Amira Deraz, the esteemed leader of the Physiotherapy team at the University of Hertfordshire, hosted by Global Academic Foundation (UH-GAF), has been nominated for the prestigious Team of the Year award by UH-UK for the Vice-Chancellor's Award. This recognition highlights Dr. Deraz's exceptional leadership and the remarkable achievements of her team in establishing the first international Physiotherapy programme in Egypt.


Since the inception of the Physiotherapy programme in 2021, Professor Amira Deraz has played a pivotal role in leading and guiding her team at UH-GAF. The program has witnessed significant success, and this year will mark the graduation of its first cohort of students. The establishment of the international Physiotherapy programme inEgypt is a major milestone, showcasing UH-GAF's commitment to providing quality education and expanding its academic offerings globally.


Under Dr. Deraz's guidance, the Physiotherapy team at UH-GAF has thrived, despite the challenges posed by a large cohort size. Currently, the team caters to a substantial number of students, Dr. Deraz and her team have prioritized providing a high level of pastoral support to each individual. The positive relationship between the students and staff demonstrates the team's dedication to student welfare and academic excellence.


The Vice-Chancellor's Award recognizes outstanding teams, in the entirety of the Herts community, that have demonstrated exceptional performance, innovation, and a commitment to the university's values. The nomination of Dr. Amira Deraz and her team for Team of the Year is a testament to their remarkable achievements and their unwavering commitment to providing a transformative learning experience for their students.


UH-GAF remains committed to fostering a supportive environment where faculty members like Dr. Deraz can thrive and continue to make a significant impact on their respective fields. The university takes pride in its exceptional faculty and their dedication to academic excellence, ensuring that students receive the best possible education.