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Radio in Live Action: A Field Trip to Nogoum FM

December 19, 2021

By: Kadria Mahmoud

Mass Communication student, Level 5

For the first time, Level 5 Mass Communications students witnessed in person how a live national radio show is produced. On the 8th of December, six students and their Radio Journalism module leader and broadcast expert Ms Enas El Shinawi visited the set of Nogoum FM’s Ladayya Aqwal Okhra (“I Have More To Say”), a program hosted by renowned journalist Ibrahim Eissa.

Nogoum FM is Egypt’s top-rated radio station, known for its mix of entertainment – especially hit songs, news, and lifestyle. More recently, it developed a TV station to help up its game in the media market. Hala Hegazi, managing director of Nile Radio Productions, accompanied the students to the control room where she explained how the various staff members gear up for going on air. She also shared her insider perspective on all things radio.

The students eagerly observed the countdown to live, while the sizable station staff – including sound engineers, camera personnel and many others – worked in parallel within their respective areas to ensure the show’s smooth running. The students also had the chance to access the rooms typically used for holding business meetings or serving as waiting lounge