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Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lecturer – Dr. Yasmine Mandour – gets her journal article published by Natural Product Reports

June 7, 2022

“Strychnine and its mono- and dimeric analogues: a pharmaco-chemical perspective” is the title of the academic journal article that was written by Dr. Yasmine Mandour, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the School of Life and Medical Sciences.  The article was published in April, 2022 in the prestigious journal of Royal Chemical Society, Natural Product Reports. The aforementioned journal has the 3rd ranking of Organic Chemistry with an impact factor of 13.4.  

Since Dr. Yasmine’s research work is dedicated to computational and medicinal chemistry and computer-aided molecular design, the review article covers the story of the fascinating complex alkaloid Strychnine known for its toxicity and shedding light on its synthetic analogues of promising pharmacological activities. The University of Hertfordshire in Egypt community members would love to extend its congratulations to the School of Life and Medical Sciences and its esteemed faculty.