The University of Hertfordshire in Egypt, hosted by Global Academic Foundation, is the first full-fledged branch campus of a UK university in Egypt.

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During his first visit to the University of Hertfordshire in Egypt: The Newest British Ambassador to Egypt makes an instant impression on the university’s campus, facilities, and overall top-quality British experience

January 30, 2022

Cairo, Egypt – January 24, 2022: His Excellency Mr. Gareth Bayley, the new British Ambassador to Egypt, visited the campus of the University of Hertfordshire (UH) hosted by Global Academic Foundation, as part of his newest sight visit to the New Administrative Capital. Mr. Bayley was accompanied by a delegation of senior representatives of the British Embassy in Egypt that was all welcomed by Professor Vincent Emery, the President of the University of Hertfordshire in Egypt and Dr. Omaima Hatem, Chancellor of the University of Hertfordshire in Egypt, in addition to the university’s deans and faculty.

The British Ambassador noted the on-going developments that have been achieved by the Global Academic Foundation in order to advance the campus on every level. Moreover, he praised the authenticity of the well-rounded British educational structure that is being offered at the University of Hertfordshire in Egypt to its diverse students. He commented on how the university, specifically its deans and faculty, have exerted tremendous efforts in conveying a fully developed British academic experience through the University of Hertfordshire’s system, including the lesson-plans, syllabi, research work and student activities.

The Ambassador also added that providing students with a British education in Egypt would, in turn, drastically add to creating a generation of multitalented Egyptian youth, earning them exceptional advantages that fully qualify them to contribute to the labour-market, give them strong links to global industries, and most importantly, help them thoroughly explore and develop their utmost potential. Furthermore, Mr. Bayley emphasized on how achieving success is his current most prioritized mission, noting that nothing is capable of creating success as effectively as education can.

During the tour, the Ambassador was able to note the progress of the various academic and administrative buildings on campus, in addition to the specialist laboratories for pharmacy and physiotherapy programmes, which include the most recent and advanced equipment and tools. He also made sure to visit the different spaces where creative and media studies take place, specifically media multimedia and art studios.

The President of University of Hertfordshire in Egypt, Professor Vincent Emery, took pride in welcoming the British Ambassador to University of Hertfordshire’s campus, and updated the Ambassador on the new academic infrastructure that is currently being developed. President Emery informed him on the university’s detailed plans and ambitions to develop the overall academic calibre over the next few years. President Emery expressed how higher education in the UK has always been of highest-quality and most impressive distinction, so he and his colleagues are delighted to be able to contribute to this sector in Egypt.

Towards the end of his visit, the British Ambassador reiterated that what Egyptian students acquire here in the University of Hertfordshire in Egypt is exactly similar to what the students at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK receive, specifically when it comes to the facilities, services, campus amenities and overall educational calibre.

The University of Hertfordshire campus in the New Administrative Capital is hosted by Global Academic Foundation (GAF) which has exerted significant major investments to ensure the Egyptian campus possesses the infrastructure and staff needed to deliver the academic programmes and contribute to an excellent student experience. GAF is remaining loyal to its strategy of being dedicated to staying up to date on national, regional, and international changes in the fields of Higher Education by creating a new generation of driven youth who obtain international degree benefits and acquire an identical level of higher education and overall British experience, all with the convenience of studying from their home countries.