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84 Publications Have Been Reached by Our School of Life and Medical Sciences

November 15, 2022

UH-GAF is always ecstatic to share the latest news, achievements and milestones of its faculty members. That is why today, UH-GAF is proud to announce a new and grand accomplishment that was attained by its School of Life and Medical Sciences, which has officially accomplished 84 publications carrying LMS UH-GAF’S affiliation.

Reaching 84 publications means that 84 papers belonging to faculty members in the School of Life and Medical Sciences have been published in reputable and international peer reviewed journals. Furthermore, the number of staff members’ publications per year has been progressively increasing over the past couple of years (3 papers in 2020, 39 papers in 2021, and 42 publications in 2022). The total impact factor of all these publications is 401.79!

The publications, some of which were created in collaboration with several reputable institutions on both national and global levels, were published by faculty members involved in teaching both MPharm and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The publications cover various major disciplines of pharmacy, for example: nanotechnology, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, biology, and pharmaceutical chemistry. All the papers have been published in international peer-reviewed journals, which are indexed in Clarivate and/or Scopus. The impact factor for the journals in which the articles were published ranges from 0.86 to 14.11.

UH-GAF is certainly proud of the continuous achievements of its staff and wishes them the best on their academic and personal journeys.