Rising Herts 2.0

After a successful first attempt, UH-GAF is proud to launch the 2nd rendition of Egypt's first Entrepreneurial hub, in collaboration with Gemini Africa, a leading entrepreneurial hub in Egypt and Africa!

Unified in recognizing the pivotal role that youth play in catalyzing positive change within communities and driving economic upliftment through their creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, the University of Hertfordshire, in collaboration with Gemini Africa, proudly announces the launch of Rising Herts 2.0!

This groundbreaking entrepreneurial discovery program stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing a new generation of trailblazing entrepreneurs, arming them with the resilience and adaptability needed to navigate the swiftly evolving business landscape.

The primary objective of Rising Herts 2.0 is to fortify the Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem by implementing a comprehensive capacity-building initiative. This program is meticulously designed to empower students with both theoretical and practical business skills, fostering a dynamic and innovative mindset.

Furthermore, it aims to cultivate awareness about the paramount significance of sustainable development in the entrepreneurial sphere. As we embark on this journey, we envision not only equipping participants with the tools for success but also instilling a sense of responsibility towards fostering a business environment that is both robust and sustainable. Rising Herts is designed to be a transformative initiative, propelling aspiring entrepreneurs towards a future where they not only succeed individually but also contribute significantly to the holistic growth of the entrepreneurial landscape in Egypt.

Programme Tracks:

The Entrepreneurial approach and the Innovative approach:

Rising Herts 2.0 elevated the experience through the implementation of two new tracks, both aiming at widening participants' perspectives on the global business scene, where both innovation and entrepreneurship play pivotal roles.

Innovational Track

Not just about staying abreast of trends; it's about empowering participants to become catalysts for change and pioneers in their respective fields.

Innovation takes center stage in the first track of Rising Herts 2.0, where participants embark on a transformative journey delving into cutting-edge concepts and practices. Through interactive workshops, hands-on projects, and exposure to emerging technologies, this track aims to cultivate a mindset that thrives on creativity and problem-solving. Participants will engage with industry leaders, explore disruptive technologies, and harness the power of innovation to address contemporary challenges.

Entreprenurial Track

Driven towards nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit that drives sustainable and impactful ventures.

On the parallel track, Rising Herts 2.0's entrepreneurship module takes participants on a dynamic exploration of the intricacies of business creation and development. From ideation to execution, participants will receive comprehensive training on business strategy, financial planning, and effective leadership. Through mentorship sessions with successful entrepreneurs and real-world case studies, this track aims to equip participants with the practical skills and entrepreneurial acumen necessary to navigate the complexities of the global business landscape.

Rising Herts Sessions

Rising Herts 2.0 Kickoff Session

A dynamic partnership between UH-GAF and Gemini Africa, a leading entrepreneurial ecosystem hub in Egypt and across Africa. Together, we have designed a series of transformative boot camp sessions to take your entrepreneurial solutions, innovative ideas, and groundbreaking products to the next level.

Entrepreneurial Mindset session

Snippets from our first bootcamp kickstart session with Gemini Africa at Rising Herts. We were glad to host Adly Thoma, Gemini Africa Chairman and CEO, and Hani Naguib, Entrepreneurial Expert on our campus.

From Ideas to Reality Session

Our students had the chance to hear from Amr Kawashti and Ezz Tarek, the founders of In Your Shoes, about their success story starting their own business, explore Layla Ghaleb’s, co-founder of Goodspace Studios, Goodspace Talents, and Goodspace Events, world in choreography, and participate in an in-depth talk by Tarek Fahmy, Business and Entrepreneurship consultant.  

Join the League Session

Highlights from the third Rising Herts bootcamp session organised by Gemini Africa with Ramy Magdy, Head of Consumer Expereience at Yodawy, Sherif Zaatar, Breadfast General Manager, Mohamed Elbassiouni, Co-founder & Managing Director at Tayarah, and Mohamed Abdelmottaleb, Founder & CEO of XPay. 

Press Release

February 1, 2023

University of Hertfordshire and Gemini Africa sign a partnership agreement

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About Gemini Africa

Gemini Africa is a one-stop entrepreneurial hub playing an impactful role in the development of the Egyptian ecosystem to foster youth and entrepreneurs with special focus on women, and bolster start-ups by availing diversified investment & financial options, untapped business opportunities and innovative flagship programs.As part of the company’s quest to offer unprecedented opportunities, Gemini Africa also pioneered by launching CinemaTech, the first entrepreneurial track, aiming to uplift the filmmaking industry by the injection of technological solutions through entrepreneurship. Backed by receiving the intellectual property rights for the track and following the gaps in the ecosystem, the company works relentlessly to expand its offered services and activities to be extended to different sectors within the creative industries.

With special focus on two thematic areas: Social entrepreneurship & Creative industries and the proven success record of previously implemented programs in Greater Cairo and Upper Egypt, Gemini Africa grew its knowledge base, developed a vast network of experts as well as local partners and built a strong database of key players; Giving the company an edge in being able to identify the ecosystem gaps, the exact needs of youth and their pain points to offer the right customized innovative programs.

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