Mr Mohamed Thabet

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Mohamed Thabet is a highly experienced professional with a strong background in executive management within the educational sector. With 18 years of expertise, he has successfully contributed to the planning, leadership, and control of various financial and non-financial aspects of educational entities.

Throughout his career, Mr. Thabet has demonstrated exceptional skills in strategy development, finance, and budgeting for educational institutions. His ability to effectively manage stakeholders, negotiate, and handle public relations and external communications has been widely recognized.

Inaddition to his educational management skills, Mr. Thabet has also excelled in cost engineering. He has successfully implemented cost budgeting, control, forecasting, investment appraisal, and risk analysis within business operations. His proficiency in business planning and profitability analysis has contributed significantly to the success of organizations he has worked with.

Mr. Mohamed Thabet's impressive career includes his tenure as an Executive Director and Board of Directors Member for the Scientific Research Educational Development Company, which owns the European universities in Egypt (EUE). He also served as the Finance Manager at the GUC (German University in Cairo)until 2019.

Mr. Thabet's educational background is rooted in excellence, having graduated from the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University in 2004. This foundation has provided him with a strong understanding of business principles and further enhanced his capabilities in the field of educational management.

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