Dr. Zeinab Mourad Demrdash

Dean of Humanities and Creative Arts

Dr. Zeinab Mourad Demrdash, an accomplished academic and leader in graphic design, is the current Dean of Humanities and Creative Arts at Hertfordshire University Egypt, hosted by the Global Academic Foundation. Born on August 25th in Egypt, she earned her B.Sc. in Graphic Design from Helwan University in 1987 and later a Ph.D. from Alexandria University in collaboration with Ohio State University in 2000.

With over 30 years of academic experience, Dr. Demerdash has held various positions at Alexandria University, including Head of the Graphic Design Department. She assumed her current role as Dean in 2023. Fluent in Arabic and English, she has published extensively on topics ranging from printmaking to art expressionism.

Beyond academia, Dr. Demerdash has contributed to program development, served on examination committees, and supervised numerous Master's and Ph.D. theses. Her professional activities include art consultancy and participation in exhibitions globally. Her impactful work has left a lasting legacy in the fields of fine arts and graphic design.

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