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Legal Officer

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Full Time
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General Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of this job profile is to safeguard the interest of theorganization through legal means. With the expansion of the market & newproduct lines across the organizations.


•Draftdifferent types of contracts such as Commercial agreements i.e., Marketing andAdvertising”, Frame Agreements, NDA, Training, Supply and Installations,Services, Tenders, Lease, Distribution, Franchising & Agencies agreements.

• Reviewthe internal regulations & policies of The Institution to ensure theirconformity with the applicable laws.

•Consortwith the treasury department to manage and negotiate the legal aspects andrisks of securing banking facilities, project financing, and debt issuances.

•Providelegal advice that is well justified in accordance with the applicable laws.

• Safeguardthe Institution’s interests and rights by assuring that all its activitiesadhere to the applicable Egyptian laws.

•Participatein the formation of all required committees/investigations to assist in takingthe right legal decisions in compliance with Egyptian law.

•Secureall legal consultations regarding Labor Law and perform official investigationswith employees if needed.



A bachelor’s lawdegree or master’s is highly preferred.


-3-5 years ofexperience.

-Workexperience in corporate law practice is an advantage.


-Excellentcommand of English and Arabic.

-Strong knowledge of corporate laws and regulations

-Excellent watching and logical abilities.

-Excellent communication and negotiation skills.

-Mustbe able to work under high stress and save the organization from legaldifficulties.

-Mustbe well organized, and accurate in work.

- Must beable to maintain confidentiality about all legal matters.

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